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The Lamb Paradise Of God
The marriage supper of the lamb

From Christ’s Cross To Beyond Eternity

The Holy Throne Of God
The Lamb, Paradise Of God
The Marriage Supper Of The lamb

To All Churches In the Free World

TO All Churches In America


 Not Every Man (Assembly) Who Call Me Lord, Lord Shall Enter In The Kingdom Of God, JCON.

Stated Reason For Condemnation, For It’s Much Sin

     This is a final warning, The apostate Church (false assembly) can no longer exist as it is at present, God has given it since Christ’s ascension to convert to True Christianity (righteousness, Conversion, by Christ’s Bloody Cross, Rom. 12;1, 2), yet all it has done over the two millennium given it is all the more descend into immoral anarchy, it’s day of compete deletion has come, you have been served. Apostle, 1986-2016.

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-Seen to seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock when a voice declare: This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer, the compete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015

-Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

Woe, Woe and Woe                                                                                                   02/07/2015

      -At the onset of the intrepid dream, read here (, I testified how after driving this brand new 2001, white, trimmed in gold intrepid automobile.  That just as soon the driver side door open and I was ejected from the car to my feet, only to watch it drive on without me. I’d shared this dream for years, this end of world nation’s time table before I realized it was the night of Christmas doing the same year of the attacks on the New York Twin Towers. Obviously, this was the year Holy Spirits had declared America and the so labored Free World over and done unto a cataclysmic judgment. One being further implemented 190 months into the future that would not be altered or hindered. This Supreme One changing not, clearly it’s the Prophet Daniel explaining by the hand writing on the wall how that very night, Babylon (see Mystery Babylon), would fall into the hands of the Medes and Persians.

     -I believe the white color of this car was a manner of God’s Grace, blood redemption, as so falling out of this automobile to my feet unto witnessing this car go on without me. Further even this was a demonstration of the Loveliness of God regarding the Church Age Saints now being moved, that’s snatched out of the way unto what manner of God’s Mercy still. Of His forgiveness from this moment forward, being forged by the Holy Spirit through the Wine Press of God, meaning, all the more through an insurmountable flow of blood. A virtual blood bath said to be in total of the horses’ bridle of six feet, meaning 180 miles of which is why the converting of Apostate Christians into True Saints at this time in biblical fulfillment are referred to as, the Tribulation Saints. 

     -John the Revelator he’s called is the only one who witness them arrive in heaven, while I by a dream, a memory of sorts by a form of being suddenly caught away saw them as they were being cultivated on the earth. Remarkably as the Church Bride being captured away as promised, those I witness now left behind were more Holy and Divine than any gathering unto God’s Holy Name. Though as I said, when John asked of this incalculable number of every nation, kingdom, tribe, tongue and people again arriving so mysteriously to God’s Throne some seven years beyond the Resurrection of the Righteous Dead, and Church Bride. Evenly, that he was told how they’d come out of great tribulation and had their robes washed and made white by the Blood of the Lamb, and how now they would stand before this Blessed Lord, night and day.

     -I was standing in my kitchen lately, minding its business, when just as amazingly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me and I quote, “soon the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints, as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome them.  This is why this Apostle hath declared how this immeasurable horde of washed white arrivals will be ripen, tried like gold in a refiners fire, apparently the same gold the Intrepid Dream car was trimmed in. That’s enriched of insurmountable martyrdom and made more so divine. How even this Apostle of Revelation marveled at them as I’d done being captured away evenly so at forewarning this Blessed Lord, be careful Father, least they take your heart. Jesus Himself took this Blessed Lord’s Heart, crying aloud, Father Glorify thy Son, and this Father by a thunderous voice crying aloud proudly, “I have glorified Him and will Glorify Him!” Truly blessed be the Name of the Lord.

     -What is so amazing about these various videos I end up sharing with you, is that every one of them is discovered by me so spontaneously, I’ll be researching one thing, which through various links will led me to other forms of related breaking of news or Prophecies, that I then must share.  One of which I fear also the most important of them all, meaning out of millions, is the one of an unsaved man made a seer, a prophet and a saint by visions and dreams, overnight, Ken Peters.  What is so important and so extraordinary about him is Holy Spirits showed, that’s caused him to both see and experience end time prophecy fulfillment in the order in which not only it will go, but in the only order in which it can go. Starting with the Resurrection of the Righteous Dead, where the Church Bride is no longer seen or mention on the earth, see. Rev. 4:1

     -Henceforth culminating with the anti-Christ war on the Tribulation Saints and Christ having the wherewithal that with them they mightily overthrow and overcome him. Or are you still focus on the kitchen prophecy? Do you know how often I shared this revelation of Heaven, concerning the Tribulation Saints Vs. the Church Bride, before I realized that if this was of a truth and the entire Heavenly Host. That’s the Throne of God know that it is, then the Holy Spirit without me fully realizing it was resolving the greatest, biblical debate of them all. Here, citing not only the difference between the Church Bride and, or the church world, but how there would indeed be a pre-tribulation gathering of Saints as He place this Blood Redeem in Heaven at this greatest trying of time.  Only to learn and thus know this to be of a truth, you have to not only know God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and the Living Word, Promises and Prophecies. Evenly, you have to know and understand just who the Church Bride is, now crying aloud with the Holy Spirit simply the commission to all believing mankind, how the Marriage Supper of the Lamb hath made Itself Ready, COME!


     -Because I am an end time Apostle of Jesus Christ, I’ve been in so many different manners of what is described by the church world as the Rapture, simply meaning to be caught or snatched away suddenly.  Evenly I’ve witnessed in heaven both a dress rehearsal and a trial run regarding this blessed event, truly if I’m to link them all together, including the various visitations to heaven.  As so those of heaven visiting me (see Gabriel 2004), this great gathering of saints was realized doing the late eighties, 1986. Then to calculate seven years later, just so you know this is the first I’ve done this, seven years, the amount of time the Church Bride will be like Her Lord, Glorified in Heaven. Of course, this will then give us the year 1993, um, what do you know?

     -That is the year I was on a visit to heaven, where I was hand off to the prophet Ezekiel who was allowed to open to this  Apostle, three perfectly time tested doors, (Christ being prepared unto his final coming, Christ standing with the hordes of Heaven on Mount Olivet, Christ walking in the streets of Jerusalem, of the people questioning the wounds in his hands), don't you dare be alarmed, surely Christ’s Millennium Reign has been realized on the earth now for nearly thirty years, 2016.  This is what the forth telling of Holy Spirits is all about seeing the future is at present, it is what God will and thus what He has Spoken, Promised and Prophesied. Surely it is He who made us and not we ourselves, make a joyful noise unto Him all ye land, serve Him with gladness, the Ancient Of Days Reign.    

     -Amazingly, around the end of the Hussein Obama administration and the fulfillment of the Intrepid Dream Time Table, which prompts me to ask, well, is this the man Jesus accused Israel of choosing over Him? Just before there was any awareness of such a man there was, well I’d doing the war on the axis of evil by end time prophecy, prophesied a Hussein White house, thus world power.  That at a time later by dreams I witnessed a world outcry for a Hussein to reign which was strange because the only Hussein I knew was Saddam Hussein. Just as so, I’d received a dream regarding him whereas I witness a huge container fall on him and a voice declaring, “Saddam has fallen and will not recover.”  Years later, I would witness the rise of two beast, one from the earth, the other from the sea, and nothing would ever be the same, just so you know, at the time I saw these two beast as Barack Obama and Ralm Emmanuel.

     -Doing this period also, were there really personal dreams, I was of the household of the anti-Christ, a close family member, his daughter, I had several dreams regarding this fact. Of course, there followed the most shocking one, revealing of all, now The African Senator, having a Kenyan Father of Islamic faith believing in his heart he was simply an advanced manner of Dr. King was being described by Holy Spirit as “The One.” Evidently similar to a prophet Ezekiel, Holy Spirits by Christ’s Cross had torn open a door, when just as soon I found myself sitting as a world leader right across the table from this man.  That it was plain as a daylight I know is fading fast I, or the dispensation or generation, even the church age I represented was someone he had to reckon with, even convince. This is why I described Senator Barack Hussein Obama as a version of the Prince of the Civil Rights Movement, for the first thing he persuaded was how he would be good for the people, to then suspect his overall itinerary.

-I remember days later in real time I witness him meet with two world leaders, one of Britain and one of France I didn’t realize it then, this of course from the Christian to the religious world meant all Minor to World Leaders advancing beyond soon to be President Elect Barack H. Obama and a time table of what Holy Spirit descried as, “two weeks and seven years.” Sincerely Hussein’s Presidency should be duly suspected, as certain world leaders will receive their titles as Kings (Thrones), being one hour with the beast. It is here we can clearly note, why it is the Holy Spirit described the war on the supposedly axis of evil, this ridiculous manner of the casting out of Satan by Satan, as “One Error/Era and A New Fear Factor,” certainly the new fear factor meaning the emerging Anti-Christ Reign. 

-Surely this is why, with the exception of Christ’s Cross, the wisest man to ever live forewarn even thousands of years passed, how any formation on this earth, where God (Christ’s Cross), isn’t to reign as Lord, is vanity, a reaching for the wind. This second Adam, this woman seed crying aloud, yet she shall be saved in child bearing, this bloody Son lamenting from the Cross, it is finished, this risen Lord inquiring of a weeping Mary Magdalene, unto a weeping Apostle John, as so a weeping Silence in heaven, why weepiest thou? Surely the Father Lord have by the sacrifice of His only begotten Son gain Salvation for us all, why weepiest thou? Behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Son of David hath prevailed. The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, blessed be the God of our fathers forevermore, though this is TRUTH, who shall believe our report?

-Plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyred.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!!  Beware, Apb, The RAM, www.thesixthman14.blogspot,com  

 Apostle Patricia A. Bradford, Gilmore
Apostle Patricia A. Bradford, Gilmore

The Holy Throne Of God
God The Father, Son And Holy Spirit

The Spirit and the Bride (Maaseiah), Say Come